Picture this:

There is this incredible woman. She has survived everything life has thrown at her even if she feels a little bruised. She has an inner strength which has been tested through heart ache, let down and general life mishaps and yet she is still standing..

But this woman is tired. She can feel her legs getting wobbly and she is sinking. She can feel a black mist slipping over her head and her legs are starting to feel heavier so she can not longer run from it. She fears that this is it. She fears that her strength has all been used up in having to paint on a smile regardless of how sad she feels inside.

She feels as is life has let her down. She has lots of be happy about and yet struggles to smile inside. She wonders what is wrong with her because she can't be happy with what she has.. she has this urge inside for more and feels nothing but guilt about it.

Her thoughts keep flitting between sadness, guilt, regret and overwhelm. She is constantly in a trap inside her head.

Her thoughts keep reminding her of how she has perhaps failed in the past, she has no right to what she wants or that she is in someway lacking in skills to get what she wants. She keeps talking herself out of all that she wants. She has stopped even trying.

She spends her life going around in circles keeping herself busy with housework, kids homework and basic life admin. She convinces herself that she has no time for anything else.

But inside she knows.

She knows that she was here for more.

She knows she has something to offer but this just adds to her frustration and her constant questioning of "what is wrong with me"

I know this woman. This woman is me. This woman may also be you.

But luckily for me I am stronger than those thoughts and I am doing it anyway. I want to help you be strong too.

I am learning that these thoughts are just figments of my mind trying to keep me safe (i.e. stuck) and that while they want what is best for me the reality is that it is killing my soul.

You see our minds and souls fight. They want the same thing.. for us to be happy and safe and yet they have two very different strategies.

Our mind (and thoughts) think that the familiar is safe. That our current personal reality is our personality and so we get stuck and think 'this is it' We get into routines, we play it safe and we stick with that we know. We live the same day over and over again.. constantly anchored in the past.

However our soul wants more than this but normally it is ignored and chalked up to day dreaming or mindless wishes. It becomes an inconvenience and even can lead us to depression and anxiety as it starts to switch off. It is being ignored and so it has nothing to live for. But here is the sad thing.. our soul is what makes us US and not a carbon copy of everyone else who is letting their minds win. Our soul is carrying our life purpose, it is carrying the secrets from the past and the promises of a magical future. Our souls needs saving if we hope of a brighter future. It holds all the answers.

But to listen to these whispers, these messages and to start living in the now we need to get stronger than our thoughts. The thoughts which rob us of joy and happiness.

To start your own journey please say yes to this free course. This free 4 part video series which I recorded for you to help you understand just what thoughts are and how important they are.

Let's get our thoughts playing ball and watch those miracles happen <3

With love and light,

Victoria xx

Your Instructor

Victoria Casebourne
Victoria Casebourne

Hi I am Victoria, I am the founder of The Keepsake Co, natural born creator and multi passionate life long entrepreneur and mother of two.

Through my work I provide support, guidance and space to fellow working Mums who feel unsettled, lost and unsure that the future they are currently looking at is the one they truly wanted.

Through my products and services my clients will start to access their true self so they can hear the whispers of their heart which is currently muffled (or silenced) under the years of crap handed to them by others. They will then learn to trust those whispers and go from feeling unsettled to being unshakable in the belief that they can be, do and have all that they dream of. They will re-write their future to a more compelling and exciting version while learning how to attract all that is contained in this vision into their lives.

Since starting my business in my early 20’s in 2002, I have transitioned from having a six figure business retailing creative keepsake products and services through to a six figure coaching business sharing my lessons and insights with over 100 women. I helped them to follow in my footsteps while holding my hand as they create their very own creative business and setting themselves free.

It is through working with these incredible women that I realised that in order for them to reach true success they must first see their incredible strength and power and understand that the things that are holding them back are merely thoughts from the past. In order to re-write these negative thoughts from the past into positive intentions about the future they need support and guidance and this turns out to be my calling. To stand there WITH these women side by side as I share my lessons of what it means to be a mother with dreams of her own.

I wish to take women by the hand and lead them from underneath their blanket of harmful thoughts and into a future which excites and energises them. I want to watch them blossom into all that they were born to be and reconnect with their hopes and dreams for the future. Just because we gave birth it does not mean that these beautiful children should replace our ability to earn an amazing income doing something which we love… something which we were born to do. We can, and should, have the opportunity to do both.

My favourite part of doing this work is because it allows me to explore what it means for ME to be human as the work I do on myself will only help the women I work with. The more whole, healthy and complete I become the more I can help others achieve the same.

When I’m not working with others I like to sit in my creative studio in the woods and learn new skills, I like to shop in the markets and I like to read books on wealth, health and happiness. I love crystals, aromatherapy and meditate daily before I start my day. I am very much a work in progress but this is what allows me to truly help the women I work with… because I am deeply with them on their journeys as it is my journey too.

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